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5 of the Best Winter Date Nights in the Nashville Area

5 of the Best Winter Date Nights in the Nashville Area

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Just because it's colder outside doesn't mean you can't turn up the heat on romance. It's great cuddling weather in Nashville, and the city is brimming with options to rekindle the flames of love in an existing relationship or ignite a new one. Make one of these ideal arrangements to spend some quality time together and watch what happens.

Candy Wonderland at Goo Goo


Following a multi-million dollar refurbishment, the Goo Goo Shop on 3rd Avenue has reopened as a must-see (and eat) attraction. The new shop's walls are festooned with Willy Wonka-esque switches and levers, and displays recount the history of America's first combination candy bar, which is still a cult favorite. While you wait for the creative confectioners to prepare your own unique Goo Goo Premium bars, you may sip a boozy milkshake at a kiosk.

Dabble in Art (and Wine)


You like to drink wine, don't you? Even if you tell yourself you have no artistic abilities. You won't care if your "happy little trees" actually look like angry shrubs after a couple of glasses and classes at Dabble Events. Any lesson will be a joy thanks to the instructors' encouraging attitudes, and you'll be able to take home a fresh artwork to place on your wall. Alternatively, you may look in the back of the coat closet. There will be no judging here.

Have a Date on Ice

Various locations

When the Winter Olympics come around every four years, people become temporarily enamored with the strange sport of curling, which is similar to shuffleboard on ice. "I could do that!" someone will always comment after a few minutes of viewing. Now is the moment to put your money where your broom is because Tee Line in West Nashville is Nashville's first official curling center. If you're looking for a more traditional ice date, the Ford Ice Centers in Bellevue and Antioch both offer public skating sessions, but you must register ahead of time.

Find the Magic

SoBro and Downtown

Over the winter, Music City transforms into Magic City (sorry, Birmingham), with some fairly excellent prestidigitation opportunities in the downtown area. House of Cards, a speakeasy-style restaurant buried beneath the Johnny Cash Museum, has a wonderful bar, a reasonable chophouse cuisine, and, most significantly, several different magic performances included in the price of your meal. Dress to impress and enjoy close-up magic as well as a larger showroom performance. With the Dream Hotel's "Magic in Music City" package, you can bring the magic to your accommodation. The package includes an overnight stay in a suite, as well as wine and appetizers delivered to your room prior to a private one-hour magic presentation by Michael John, the hotel's in-house illusionist. After that, it's up to you to work your magic.




Although it may be simpler with a larger group, the Escape Game allows couples to play alone as they try to solve clues in the allocated time to be liberated from a locked chamber, or you can participate in their online virtual challenges. Consider how proud your date will be of your collaboration and chemistry if you figure it out.


Berry Hill

You never know when another ice storm will hit Nashville, bringing with it the usual power disruptions that come with it. You'll need some candles because the light on your phone won't last forever. At Paddywax Candle Bar, you may make personalized candles using a range of aromatic oils to create your own beautiful and fragrant tapers. While you're huddled in the dark waiting for the utility staff to arrive, you might as well smell great.

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